The Dalinian Triangle

27 km. from El Solei


Four venues that celebrate the life and work of Salvador Dalí, where visitors can step into the world of this surrealist genius.

The Dalinian Triangle is the geometrical figure that would appear on a map of Catalonia if we were to draw a line between the municipalities of Púbol, Portlligat and Figueres.

These three localities recount for us the trajectory of an internationally renowned artist who was nevertheless entirely linked to this territory. This space, concentrated in a territory of scarcely 40 square kilometres, contains the elements that make up the Dalinian universe: its museums, landscape, light, architecture, relief, customs, legends, gastronomy, etc., essential for understanding the life and work of Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dalí's spaces are:

  • Dalí's Childhood home (Figueres): Where it all began. A journey of discovery awaits you, a pulsating story, a visual and sound journey and a guided route. Purchase tickets
  • Dalí Theatre-Museum (Figueres): The largest surrealist object in the world, occupies the building of the old Municipal Theatre, built in the 19th century, partially destroyed at the end of the Civil War. On these ruins, Dalí decided to create his museum. Purchase tickets
  • Salvador Dalí house (Portlligat): It was the only stable house of Salvador Dalí; the place where he usually lived and worked until 1982, with the death of Gala, he fixed his residence at Castell de Púbol. Purchase tickets
  • Gala Dalí Castle (Púbol). It allows you to discover a medieval building where Salvador Dalí materialized an overflowing creative effort thinking of one person: Gala. Purchase tickets