Discover the Pla de l'Estany

Enjoy, feel, live, be inspired.

The Pla de l'Estany region offers the possibility to relax surrounded by its extraordinary nature. The reflection of the sun shining brightly on the surface of the lake, the shades of green behind the extensive fields of yellow tones that can be seen from the road, the fountains and natural waterfalls, the ponds ... All this wonderful combination of elements, colors and smells make the region breathe the calm and tranquility that we so long for and so hard to find in everyday life.
The perfect situation of El Solei allows you to do several excursions through the lake surroundings declared of natural interest. You can also visit Girona province since the house lays in the centre of it. 

The house has an extensive collection of tourist information about the region and the province.

El Solei is a holiday rental villa where you can find activities for children in Girona and Costa Brava.