Salamina's Routes

Between 3-8 km. from El Solei


The routes of Salamina consist of several itineraries that, Palol de Revardit and Sant Miquel de Campmajor, think for the territory of Cornellà del Terri since they treat themselves of wooded border zones and strongly affected by the Civil War, as they explain the book and the film "Soldados de Salamina". At the same time, these routes allow to discover the natural and cultural patrimony of the Pla de L'Estany.

It is a matter of discovering the historical fact of the Spanish Civil War. Through the routes, the user will be able to learn essential concepts of the one that represented the Civil War for our ancestors. Moreover, also they will learn how people lived in the region of the Pla de L'estany, as a rearguard of the physical confrontation among national and republican troops. In short, to know the history, anecdotal, of the journey lived by the Falangist Rafael Sánchez Mazas and the "Amigos of the bosque" as the novel Soldados de Salamina, which will allow to know the main stages of the history, is narrated at the same time that the natural and cultural patrimony of the Pla de L'estany is discovered