This Mindfulness workshop presents tools that help to face daily stress in a more balanced way in the emotional sphere. Different tools will be used to work on conscious attention. With the practice of mindfulness they exercise all the senses or inputs of information. It is an "outside in", inductive and empirical work. It is about capturing everything we can through all the channels of perception without adding anything prior or preconceived. In this way, the input channels are strengthened, which over time lose their functionality due to the prominence acquired by deductive mental processes.

Know the scientific evidence that supports some programs.
Review emotions and how they are regulated from mindfulness.
Understand stress and how it influences our health and lifestyle.
Practice mindfulness tools for the day to day.

For groups of 10 or more people.

Workshop held at the El Solei accommodation by:

Ester González Rivas
Mindful Leadership Coach (CBC coach by Fred Kofman's school)
MBSR (mindfulness) accredited instructor

More information at estergonzalez@optimas.cat and mobile: (+34) 687 762 316.

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