10 typical products from the Pla de l'Estany region


Some of the typical products of the Pla de l'Estany region are:

  • Mas Auró oil (Esponellà). Estate with olive trees where premium quality oils are made in its own mill. More information
  • Walnuts from Can Llavanera (Crespià). Sustainable agricultural cultivation. Walnut cultivation was reintroduced to the region at the end of the last century. More information
  • Honey from Dolça Abella (Crespià): Organic beekeeping. Own harvest with different types of honey according to the different blooms throughout the year. More information
  • Wine from the barony winery of Vilademuls (Vilademuls). The production of the product retains its way of life and is bottled after a year in oak barrels in the cellar. More information.
  • Cheeses from Mas Alba (Vilademuls). They have a herd of dairy goats designed to make cheese. More information
  • Yogurts from Mas Colomer (Esponellà). Family farm of dairy cows with its own workshop where yoghurts are made. More information
  • Tortada de Banyoles (Banyoles). Very fine sweet made with almonds, egg and sugar. It can be found at the Can Figueres and Can Carbó bakeries in Banyoles.
  • Xuixos de Banyoles (Banyoles). Cylindrical-shaped sweet dough filled with cream. The Can Padrés bakery in Banyoles can be found. More information
  • Garlic from Banyoles (Mata - Porqueres). It is a variety of garlic typical of the Pla de l'Estany. More information
  • Torras Chocolates (Cornellà del Terri). Different types of sugar-free, gluten-free and organic chocolates. You can visit the factory and buy chocolate in their shop. More information