El Solei is one of the most sustainable accommodation, not only in Spain but in Europe


The holiday home of El Solei (Girona - Costa Brava) has obtained the Ecostars sustainability certificate with a rating of 4 ecostars.

El Solei has received the Ecostars Certification (certificate number EUES-000.670) for its firm commitment to caring for its environment with a very positive assessment, achieving one of the highest scores, which positions it as one of the most sustainable accommodation not only in Spain but also in Europe.

Ecostars is a sustainability certification for the hotel industry that awards eco-stars based on their environmental impact, through a registered certification process in which multiple axes of sustainability are valued, such as energy and water efficiency, CO2 emissions , waste management and recycling, the use of renewable energy, sustainable sources, social ethics and sustainable food. In the case of El Solei, the markers have determined that there are important transversal policies at the group level to ensure consistency in sustainable policies, demonstrating that all of them already have measures to reduce environmental impact.

El Solei has achieved this seal of sustainability with a rating of 4 Ecostars – Gold.

Consult our sustainability policy.

  • Ecostars sustainability certificate number EUES-000.670