Sustainable accommodation with solar panels in Girona


At El Solei holiday house we are committed to being a more sustainable country house and generating a lesser impact of our footprint on nature. Our contract with the electricity company assures us that 100% of the energy purchased comes from renewable sources.
However, we wanted to go one step further, and this spring we installed solar panels that generate electricity for us.

In total there are 9 solar panels that generate energy, at the moment they do not have a battery, which means that we are still connected to the grid, but that we are self-sufficient during the hours of sunshine.

We want to be a sustainable country house and try to take steps on this path. We believe that one of the steps is self-management, and in a country where the sun shines so brightly, we do not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful energy, which is why we have opted for solar energy.