Triathlon and training camps in Banyoles (Girona)


Banyoles is an international triathlon training destination in Costa Brava (Girona): Swim, bike, run!

The perfect combination of facilities, weather and terrain makes us one of the preferred destinations for training triathletes. Swimming in the open sea or in the calm waters of the lake of Banyoles are an added value and an undeniable differentiating factor.

Why in Banyoles?

Swimming pool lane, surrounded by nature trails for running and amazing roads, of all kind of heights and little traffic, for cycling.

In Banyoles, the triathlon has also found an ideal space for training and organising competitions. In fact, it is probably the most suitable place in Catalonia for practising this discipline.

This is explained by the fact that the triathlon combines three sports which are widely developed in Banyoles: swimming, which has a long tradition and excellent facilities.

Since 1985, Banyoles has hosted the Triathlon of Catalonia with Olympic  distance. It has also organised a B-distance Triathlon, a Duathlon, a people’s Triathlon and other competitions which prove the quality of the Sports Tourism Destination.

Ryan Sissons (Team New Zeland Triathlon): "It’s a perfect place to train because of the lake, the swimming pool, great quite roads for riding, and the beautiful trails around the lake"

Marcel Zamora (Triathlete. Winner of 6 Embrunman and 5 Ironman Nice): "In the surroundings of Banyoles, there are amazing roads with practically no traffic, with a great variety of circuits, with greater and lesser gradients, amazing ports like Rocacorba, unique roads like Mieres and Santa Pau, the chance to get close to the sea"

Swimming in Banyoles:

Banyoles Lake is also an ideal training area for swimming. The lake now has a swimming training lane in the lake which goes from Club Natació Banyoles to the lakeside Tourist Office, with a length of 500 metres.

There are 2 pools:

  • Indoor pool 25 x 16m 8 lanes heated
  • Outdoor pool 25 x 12m 6 lanes heated

Cycling in Banyoles:

For road cycling, the roads are well adapted and have moderate traffic. The gradients vary and you can choose from routes that are more pronounced in the direction of la Garrotxa and the Pyrenees, or the flatter ones in the direction of l’Empordà and the Costa Brava.

Rocacorba is one of the most challenging climbs of the area. An 880-metres elevation and 13.8 kilometres separate you from the peak. You climb 540 metres in six kilometres during the second part of the climb, alternating very steep slopes of between 12 and 15%.

Running in Banyoles:

The surroundings of Girona and Banyoles are ideal for running training. Very close to the urban centers you will find a land of average mountain with leafy slopes and trails that go through small elevations with constant changes in altitude, ideal for interval training.

The circuit around Banyoles lake is a route of exceptional beauty, very frequented by runners and triathletes of all levels.

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